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We meet the youth of Paris, suffering from a generational angst, due to the capitalist system in which they grew up. An environment that lobotomizes them with superficiality, materialism, hypocrisy, greed and that has perverted their child’s soul, born pure and innocent. These grown-up children find themselves perpetuating the vice they inherited from the previous generations, while running to their own ruin, and that of the generations to come.

Selections 2023 : 

  • Athens Video Dance Project

  • Rethink Dance Film Festival

The Reason

Why are we on earth? What is our goal?

It is through this questioning that Kendrick Lamar brings us back to the basics. In these dark times when people have little hope for the future, Kendrick's words, interpreted by Lilian Damango, give us a glimmer of hope about humankind and its ability to live together.

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