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This film was made in collaboration with Alexandre Griol. It was built around the song "N95" by American rapper Kendrick Lamar. 

We meet the youth of Paris, suffering from a generational angst, due to the capitalist system in which they grew up. An environment that lobotomizes them with superficiality, materialism, hypocrisy, greed and that has perverted their child’s soul, born pure and innocent. These grown-up children find themselves perpetuating the vice they inherited from the previous generations, while running to their own ruin, and that of the generations to come.


"What does it mean to be a man today ?"

Being a man, taking care of yourself... each culture in the world has its own codes. Having a smooth skin, a hair cut in the latest fashion, even dyed in bright colors, a slim figure, makeup... Getting up, choosing the color of your eye shadow or your lipstick, that's also what being a man is all about.

With this short documentary, Ming Fai immerses us in the world of K-pop and its standards of male beauty, so little represented in Western media. By following Allan, K-pop star, everyone opens their eyes to the immensity of the facets of masculinity, and the importance of ignoring the stereotypes conveyed by our societies, in order to succeed in gaining self-confidence... and succeed in being the man you really are...

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